Life has a genesis and a resolution. Many of us struggle with an interpretation of the personal story we are creating. My work takes a critical view of social, political and cultural issues that exist amongst this story we call life. In my work I deconstruct a collaboration of ideas and experiences that exist from our childhood culture to our adult culture. Having engaged and researched subjects as diverse as the civil rights movements, physical, social and economic cultures, classic literature and prose, my work engages the discovery of our human condition and the biosphere of its existence through cultural and pop cultural movements. 

In a rich contemporary abstract style, each body of work revolves through a specific expression of our personal journeys and the tension that exists in the space that encompasses ones cultural existence. By using a variety of layers, medium, mark making and deconstruction I am able to share a story in the same way one’s life is lived, through memories and experiences, from youth to adulthood, at times using text to provide clues to content and interpretation.

Every piece has a specific message. This message speaks through the story of human condition and becomes intertwined between the two. My hope is that my work drives the viewer to an internal conversation of memory and meaning. My work is an attempt to enlighten the viewer and give them clarity amongst the tension in contemporary life.